Monday, November 1, 2010

Souza's Brazilian Steakhouse

Type of establishment? restaurant
131 Main St, Burlington, VT

they have 40+ items on the salad bar, great selection of grilled meats, everything is seasoned well, fresh fruit juices are delicious and refreshing, there is also a dessert bar, they were offering a special on Vermontopia ($80 of food for only $30)
Cons: we were freezing the entire time we were there - the thermostat was at 59 and we couldn't take off our coats - i also had to order a hot tea

Things to Try: roasted mushrooms, grilled lamb, turkey wrapped in bacon, coconut custard, flan, trifle
Things to Avoid: pork ribs

Random fact: the waiters are dressed as gauchos and they serve the meat using skewers and swords

: 6.5 - would have been 9.5 if it had not been so cold!
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