Monday, August 9, 2010

Las Dalias hippie market, Ibiza

Ses Salines salt flats, Ibiza

Playa Ses Salines, Ibiza

Zebra art & grill, Ibiza

Delicious lunch in Ibiza - took us nearly forever to find a place that served non-British food, but it was well worth the search.

Tomates asados con mozzarella di buffala - roasted tomatoes with buffalo mozzarella
Very cool clear balsamic vinegar from Barcelona
Galtas de cerdo - pork cheeks (really!)
Tallerines frutti di mari - seafood noodles
Tarta de queso - cheese cake
Pera al vino tinto - pear poached in red wine
Little kitten that sat near us while we ate

fruit and vegetable market, Ibiza

Bar Patio, Ibiza

Slightly British, but still good, meal at Bar Patio in Ibiza - pork chop, sausage, egg, fries, and salad. Liked everything but the sausage.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Delicious discovery - cured duck! (Madrid)

We found this at Degusto gourmet store one day while shopping - it's incredibly flavorful, rich and perfectly salted. A great find and a beautiful addition to our tapas dinner below:
Olives and cocktail pickles skewers, croquetas, smokey cheese spread, tortilla, bread and breadsticks, mixed cheeses and cured meats, and zesty salads with feta.

Cupcakes from Cosmen & Keiless, Madrid

After a particularly bad meal out, we decided to redeem the day by stopping by Cosmen & Keiless for some cupcakes. Both are vanilla and delicious!

buy canned tomatoes, get new shoes?

We were grocery shopping in Corte Inglés last week and saw this deal: buy a few cans of tomate frito (tomato sauce) and get a pair of flip flops - FREE! Only in Spain...

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Museo Sorolla

Nat & I have been to Madrid twice since we lived here, and never went to the house of the artist Sorolla, even though it was very close to our hostparents' piso. We finally got there today and it was fantastic! I didn't take any photos of his work, but here are some images from his house (this is for you, Dad!).

Very interesting window
Alcove on the lower level
Fountain in the garden
Tile detail
Garden view

Embassy, Madrid

In the median on the Paseo de la Castellana, this bar terraza serves up drinks in HUGE Beefeater glasses. Beefeater & tonic on the left, Jameson & ginger ale on the right.

Wagaboo, Madrid

tartare de langostas (prawns with avocado) and a selection of dim sum (not pictured)
Japan noodles Tsuyo no moto
Tagine Casablanca
Texas pecan pie & Bomba de chocolate (as suggested by our waiter)

tapas at the piso

Tapas on Monday night... bread, chorizo, salchichón (cured sausage), goat cheese, lomo (cured pork loin), queso tierno, breadsticks, la salsita deliciosa de José, tortilla, stuffed olives, cherry tomatoes, pickles and cocktail skewers, fried peppers, tuna and marinated sardines. And of course, Sweppes Orange Spirit.

tree blossoms on the street

Cumbres Ecuatorianos, Madrid

This is very near the piso we are staying in... The food is delicious and the people there are very sweet! Definitely worth your time and money. Here's what we had...

Ensalada de la casa - house salad
Seco de chivo - goat in an amazing sauce
Pollo asado con menestra y ensalada - roasted chicken with a bean stew and salad
Tarta de queso & tarta de whiskey y helado - cheesecake and whiskey cake with ice cream (in the back)

Gino's, Madrid

Salad with smoked salmon.
Maccheroni al forno in the front & bolognese in the back.

tapas with Kay & José

Dinner last Friday with Kay & José, our favorite madrileños... From the back of the table, left to right, marinated sardines, mussels with a delicious sauce, empanadas, potato salad, croquetas (ham), ham & cheese, tortilla, fried peppers, stuffed olives, AMAZING sautéed chicken with mushrooms, croquetas (cod), ham, delicious sauce that went on the mussels, and breadsticks. Delicious!!!
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