Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Just finished having lunch @ Tandoori's (metro stop: Embajadores). We enjoyed quite the spread... Papadam, raita (yogurt sauce with mint and cucumber), onion bhajia (onion patties made with chickpea flour and deep fried, like pakoras), chicken madras curry (spicy, but not too spicy!), palak aloo (spinach cooked with potato chunks and spices... delicious!), pulao (not your ordinary basmati rice... this one was rainbow!), naan bread, and mango lassi (a yogurt drink made with fresh mangoes). It was really quite the find! =)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Rey de Tallarines

If you are craving yummy housemade noodles, try Rey of Tallarines (Calle de San Bernardino, 2 :: metro stop Plaza de España or Noviciado). They offer a lunch menu-of-the-day, which includes a first course, second course, dessert, and beverage. For the first course, I recommend the ensalada de aguacate (avocado salad), and for the second course I recommend anything that comes with their tasty fried noodles (my picture shows saucy beef strips, served with fried noodles, vegetables and shrimp), or their chicken with thai green curry sauce. The guys at the table next to us were eating tempura (but they call it "fried vegetables") and that looked delicious as well. They also offer dim-sum, and if you are lucky enough, you might get to see them making the noodles! (click here for photos from a friend's blog)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bites in Sevilla

Last weekend, we went to Sevilla. I was looking forward to experiencing Andalucían food and culture, but to tell you the truth, we had some pretty bad food experiences (paella that barely resembled paella, for example) and had a hard time finding nightlife that didn't involve riot police...

However, two places shone through the smog:

At Café de Indias (one of their many
locations), my friends enjoyed batidos de chocolate (chocolate milkshakes) and I had a marruccino (espresso, foamed cream, and cocoa) and a slice of delicious chocolate cake layered with cocoa mousse.

At Mario, an Italian restaurant, my friend had the gnocchi with salmon and I had a refreshing insalata caprese. Much better than that fake paella. =)

Pix from Café de Indias

Pix from Mario

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

mini-bite :: Cacao Sampaka

Visited Cacao Sampaka on calle Orellana, 4, today with a friend for some hot chocolate. She had the versión suizo (super smooth REAL hot chocolate with whipped cream), and I had the versión azteca (80% cacao with spices... super intense but delicious). They also serve a tradicional chocolate a la taza (70% cacao with cinnamon). Excellent...

Friday, February 8, 2008

Chocolatería San Ginés

We've visited Chocolatería San Ginés a few times now. They are famous for their chocolate a la taza (thick, delicious hot chocolate) and churros. They also have other drinks, like coffee and tea infusions, but the chocolate is to die for. As for food, they have porras (fried dough similar to churros) and a few different bizcochos (tea cakes). They're open some nights until 6am.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Cafe Manuela

For delicious coffee and pastries, try Café Manuela (calle San Vincente Ferrer 29, metro stop Tribunal). They have a great selection of coffee drinks (with or without spirits), pastries and sweets (tartas, croissants, etc.). I recommend the tarta de manzana -- a pastry similar to good old American deep dish apple pie. If you have time, you and your friends can even play a board game (they have a ton!).

Sunday, February 3, 2008

La Bambola

After watching the end of the Carnaval parade last night, we went out in search of good food. We stumbled upon La Bambola (Travesía de Trujillos 2, metro stop Callao), a trattoría and café that specializes in Italian food. They offer a selection of pastas (dried or fresh, long or filled), carpaccios, risottos, meat and seafood dishes, salads, and pizzas. I recommend the Fettuccine Aglio Scampi e Pomodori Secchi -- tender shrimp over fresh fettuccine pasta, tossed with olive oil, roasted garlic, red pepper flakes, and delicious strips of sundried tomatoes. For dessert, I recommend the Torta di Ricotta Siciliana e Pere -- cake layered with sweet ricotta cream and pear confit. Delicious all around...

Saturday, February 2, 2008

La Burbuja que Rie

Last night, I met up with a friend from high school and a bunch of us visited La Burbuja que Rie, an Asturian restaurant (metro stop La Latina). Guests are seated at long wooden tables and food is served family-style. The place has a distinct home-y feeling. They're famous for their sidra (cider), which they pour into the cups from about a three feet height (to break the cider). Simply put, the food was delicious. We ordered an ensalada mixta -- which came loaded with veggies and oil-packed tuna, chistorra con patatas -- a sausage similar to chorizo in taste but smaller in size and served with french fries, and patatas con juevos revueltos -- literally means potatoes with scrambled eggs, but it's more like potatoes, green peppers, and Serrano ham, with sunnyside-up eggs. Before serving, the eggs are broken, thus making them "revueltos". Everything was delicious. Unbelievable taste, quick service, and it ended up being only about 6 euros per person (we split the food between 5 of us, and there was more than enough to go around).
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