Thursday, December 9, 2010

homemade mini-bagels and lox =)

The other day, I got it in my head that I wanted to make bagels and lox. So... on Monday, I started the salmon cold cure (gravlox style - coated it with half sea salt, half sugar, then added cracked pepper) and wrapped it up in many layers of plastic wrap. I flipped it a few times over the course of three days, and today I unveiled it! Check it out... The texture was so lox-y, the taste was just what I was looking for!Now, just have to make the bagels. No recipe for those, but I just used honey, yeast, warm water, flour and salt for the dough. I let the dough rise twice, then formed my mini-bagels. I then boiled them in honey water for a few minutes, added some toppings, and baked! The result? Montreal bagel taste, super soft in the middle, slightly crispy crust - the bagel of my dreams! What's next? I must combine them! I sliced them down the middle, add cream cheese (not homemade - I don't know how to make that... yet.) and top with my gravlox. What's the verdict? Wait - let me take a bite.... Delicious. And SO worth the effort.
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