Sunday, November 23, 2008

More than a year of blogging!

I can't believe it... I just did the math and it's been 444 days since I started blogging. Of course, I haven't been blogging every day, but I've written a total of 214 entries (215 if you count this one) -- 104 on this blog, 74 on Semester in Spain!, and 36 on Cañas, Cócteles y Coca-Colas. All in all, I've exhibited hundreds of my own photos (food and Spanish sights), written dozens of restaurant reviews, and collaborated with my Madrid roomie on dozens of bar and club reviews.

I have to admit that my blogging has been at a much lower frequency since I returned from Europe, but since I've been back at school, my dining out frequency has been drastically reduced. Of course, location is also a factor, as Burlington has much fewer restaurants than Madrid. However, as we are now entering the holiday season, I fully expect my blogging to increase. A few things you can count on before the new year...

- Thanksgiving menu & photos
- Visits to a few restaurants
* Sakura
* Four Corners of the Earth
* Bueno y Sano
- Biscotti day
- Cookie swap
- Pickling photos
- Maybe one post from abroad =)

All in all, I expect the next 5 weeks to be filled with fun, food, and photos.

Also, check out my guest column in the school paper -- a piece I wrote while abroad. Click here to see it (I'm the first on the list).

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